Terms of Service

As an organization choosing to participate and collaborate as a benefiting partner of The Great Give, you are agreeing to the following rules of The Great Give and roles and responsibilities of all participants.

1. By agreeing to participate in The Great Give, a nonprofit is pledging to participate according to the terms of service/rules and will uphold the spirit of the friendly competition of the giving event and not attempt to circumvent the rules.

2. Credit card, electronic bank transfer and mobile wallet donations received during the 36-hour period (May 3 at 8:00 a.m. EST through May 4 at 8:00 p.m. EST) will be eligible for pro-rated matching funds based on the number of unique donors, and will be eligible for prizes for this event.

3. Donations by check or electronic bank transfer of $500 or more to a participating nonprofit which are donor directed for use by that nonprofit as a matching challenge will be counted toward matches and prizes awarded by The Foundation. Organizations must publish the details of the match on the organization’s Great Give profile under “Fundraising – Sponsor Matching – Add Match Commitment" before 3:00 p.m. on May 2, 2023.  If the donor's name does not appear in the public acknowledgement, a copy of the matching check or transfer receipt along with the donor's verification that it is to be used as a match must be submitted to Jackie Downing at The Foundation by 3:00 pm on May 2, 2023 for verification.

4. An organization can only win one prize (higher prize amount prevails).

5. Gift minimum for all donations is $5.00.

6. For the purposes of awarding prizes, a unique donor is one person with a unique name and a unique email address. Multiple donations from one email address to the same nonprofit will count as one unique donor. Multiple donations from one person with multiple email addresses will count as one unique donor. To be considered a unique donor, the donor must provide first name, last name, full mailing address and email address (one donor using multiple "display names" will count as one unique donor). Organizations cannot donate to themselves.

7. Donors are encouraged to make gifts to multiple organizations of their choice. Each gift to a different organization will be counted on the leaderboard. If a donor gives to two or more nonprofit organizations, that donor will be counted as a unique donor for each nonprofit to which a gift is made.

8. “New” donors are defined as individuals who have never made a charitable contribution to the nonprofit organization. Donors will be asked to answer a question on the donation form about their past giving to the organization and this will be cross-referenced with other documentation.

9. Valley donors are defined as those individuals who live or work in one or more of the five Valley towns of Ansonia (zip code 06401), Derby (zip code 06418), Oxford (zip code 06478), Seymour (zip code 06483) and Shelton (zip code 06484), Connecticut. The donor must check the box affirming they live or work in one or more of the five Valley towns for his or her donation to be counted for Valley-specific prizes. Valley nonprofits are defined as participating nonprofits that are located in one or more of the five towns listed above.

10. Donors will have the option of setting up monthly or quarterly recurring gifts, for a duration determined by the donor (min. monthly amount is $5; total donation equivalent is $60 for the year). The recurring gifts will count as one individual gift for that organization and the first payment will be counted in the leaderboard total.

11. Each gift is 100% tax deductible. Each gift will be for the unrestricted use of the donor’s chosen organization. The donor cannot receive gifts, goods and/or services in exchange for the donation.

12. During The Great Give, credit card transaction and third-party processing fees totaling 4.5% plus $.30 will be deducted from each donation. The Community Foundation does not receive any revenue from the transaction or processing fees and provides the online giving day platform and training to nonprofit organizations as a free service.

13. Secure donations for The Great Give handled by GiveGab and are to be made by each donor entering his or her own credit card information directly on www.thegreatgive.org.Any third party who enters credit card information on behalf of a donor, by their actions of entering any such credit card information on behalf of a donor, has signified their agreement with The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven 1) to assume all risk of loss and any liability associated with such transaction and 2) to indemnify each of The Community Foundations and organizations of The Great Give against any and all risk of loss and any liability associated with such transaction. The Community Foundation discourages third parties from entering the credit card information of donors as it is not in the spirit of The Great Give.

14. Donations made with the same credit card number under several different names are subject to disqualification from  prize eligibility. It is reasonable to expect that some family members will use the same credit card number to make their individual gifts. Multiple gifts made to the same organization using the same credit card will be examined thoroughly by The Community Foundation to ensure that gifts were made by eligible individuals (individuals who are responsible for the credit card used and authorized to use it).

15. In the event that a donor makes a gift in error (wrong amount or designates incorrect nonprofit) changes and refunds will be made during the giving event and in the days following the event.

16. Grants made by The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven and Valley Community Foundation Donor Advised Fund holders between April 12 – April 26, 2023 will be added to the organization’s leaderboard total, and will be matched by the Foundations on a pro-rated basis based on the number of donors.

17. For the convenience of donors, credit card, bank transfer and mobile wallet gifts may be made in advance for The Great Give beginning Monday, April 28 at 8:00 a.m.. Advanced credit card , bank transfer and mobile wallet gifts will count toward matches and grand prizes but will not be counted toward hourly competitive prizes. The giving platform will remain open until 11:59 p.m. on May 7.  No prizes or matches will be made on gifts received after 8:00 p.m. on May 4.

18. Participating nonprofit organizations must file with GiveGab all required banking information and certifications to participate in The Great Give 2023.  Nonprofit participants will receive all the monies that have been donated for the benefit of their organization less any transaction fees not covered by the donor directly from GiveGab via electronic funds transfer. In the case that the bank account we supplied is unable to receive the transfer, and GiveGab has not heard from your organization in over 60 days, the donations will be refunded back to the donor.

19. Participating nonprofit organizations must also file Electronic Fund Transfer documents with The Community Foundation by 5:00 p.m. on April 24, 2023 to receive grant payments of prizes and match dollars.

20. Participating nonprofit organizations' staff, board of directors, volunteers, and donors should promote The Great Give prior to and over the course of the 36-hour event using social media and hashtag #TheGreatGive; the social media accounts from which The Great Give activities are shared will be facebook/cfgnh and twitter/cfgnh . Other hashtags that may be useful to include are #CFGNH, #NHV and #GiveGreater.

21. We are committed to protecting your privacy online. Our site is dedicated to helping donors, volunteers, and nonprofit groups interact in a fun, effective, and safe online environment. We collect very basic information about you in order to enhance your giving experience. For more information, please see the Privacy Policy of our third party platform provider, GiveGab, in conjunction with their Terms and Conditions.

*Terms of Service / rules are subject to change at any time at the discretion of The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven.